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Real Estate Inspection services
Real Estate-Related Sewer Scope Inspections

Choose Pipe Spies, Inc® for thorough and professional real estate inspections. Our experts utilize inspection cameras and sewer scopes to provide detailed reports, ensuring peace of mind for buyers, sellers, and realtors. Schedule your inspection today!

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Second Opinion Review/Report

Need a second opinion on a property inspection report? Pipe Spies, Inc® offers unbiased second opinion reports. Our 20-year experienced inspectors thoroughly review suspicious or "bad" inspection results. Trust us to provide you with accurate and trustworthy assessments.

Residential Sewer Scope services
Residential Sewer Inspections

Pipe Spies, Inc® specializes in residential inspections. Whether you're a homeowner experiencing mainline problems or a buyer seeking a professional assessment, our dedicated team is here to help. Trust our expertise for thorough and reliable residential inspections.

Commercial Inspections
Commercial Sewer Inspections

Pipe Spies, Inc® caters to commercial properties with our professional inspection services. From builders and engineers to general contractors and HOAs, we offer assessments tailored to your commercial needs. Trust us for thorough commercial inspections.

Drain Line Systems

Pipe Spies, Inc® specializes in checking drain lines and perimeter drains (french drains) for homes and businesses. We use special cameras and services to make sure we give accurate information for homeowners and engineers. If you need a trustworthy drain line or perimeter drain inspection, get in touch with us!

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Drain Line Utility Location Service

Pipe Spies, Inc® provides accurate utility locating services for underground drain line infrastructure. Our system helps identify and locate sewer lines and related-components. Trust us for accurate utility locating services to aid in your planning, construction, and maintenance needs.

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Safeguarding Your Property with Comprehensive Inspection Services

Preventive measures are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your property’s plumbing system in Littleton, CO, the Denver metro area, and the Colorado front range. Pipe Spies, Inc® specializes in comprehensive sewer inspection services to safeguard your investment. Our expertise lies in sewer scope inspections and drain evaluations, particularly for real estate transactions. We conduct detailed property inspection reports focusing on residential and commercial sewer lines, including mainline and drainage pipe assessments.

Our team of skilled professionals uses advanced technologies, like high-resolution inspection cameras and sewer scopes, to provide accurate diagnostics of your sewer system. This meticulous approach ensures early detection of potential issues, preventing costly repairs down the line. Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate expert, or commercial property manager, our services are designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your property’s plumbing infrastructure.

Choose Pipe Spies, Inc® for Reliable Inspection Services

Rely on Pipe Spies, Inc® for specialized pipe and drainage inspections in Littleton, CO, the Denver metro area, and across the Colorado front range. Our skilled team is particularly focused on evaluating the health of drainage systems, including mainline and sewer pipes. We excel in residential and commercial drain inspections and utility locating, providing detailed insights crucial for safeguarding your property. Our reports give a comprehensive view of your drainage infrastructure’s condition, aiding you in making informed decisions for purchasing, selling, or upkeep. Trust our inspectors to thoroughly assess every detail of your property’s drainage system, ensuring a robust evaluation.

Our Cameras Reveal the Pipes You Can’t See:

Our high-tech video sewer inspection shows you what a typical home inspection can’t see. We identify problems with tree roots, obstructions, breaks or fractures, and misalignments in the sewer pipe. You receive a computer-generated report and recorded video showing the actual pipeline inspection.

Our sewer pipe inspection tells your plumbing contractor where the potential problem exists to determine the best, most cost-effective solution to resolve your problem. We get straight to the source of the issue, saving you time and money.

Home Inspections Should Include a Sewer Pipeline Inspection

Save yourself potentially thousands of dollars on sewer pipeline repairs by making sure to include a video inspection of the pipeline as part of the home-buying process. Whether the home is in an older neighborhood or a new one, there are many things that can cause sewer pipe problems. Most problems cannot be identified by a simple test of the home’s toilets and drains.

Schedule your inspection today or continue exploring our website. Take the first step towards safeguarding your property with our trusted professionals.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers


Max Mershon

Warren did a great job on our sewer scope. Found issues and recommended next steps.

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Wayne Keith

We’ve been working with PipeSpies for over 10 years and it’s been a great relationship. Warren and his team have identified issues or compromises in sewer lines for our clients, which in turn has saved our clients north of $175,000. It’s their professionalism, communication and integrity that has helped yield that success. They are very well trained, know their lines and explain issues to homebuyers that may not be an immediate issue without blowing up a deal for a buyer and/or seller. These are the main reasons we recommend PipeSpies for our clients. But we also very much enjoy working with them!

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Annie Olesh

Pipe Spies is a fantastic company to work with. We needed our pipes investigated before we moved into our new house. When you go under contract, it’s a bit overwhelming to grasp the due diligence you need to take and Pipe Spies made it easy to schedule, arrived early (an appropriate amount of earliness. Nothing extreme) and made sure I understood what they were doing, anything the encountered and answered all my questions. They were also very respectful of the home and overall a great team. I cannot recommend them enough!!

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Jay Longmire

Warren Rickford & the Pipe Spies Group do a great job & know their business. If you need a top notch company to perform a sewer line inspection, give Pipe Spies a call! Proudly endorsed by Jay Longmire, RE/MAX Professionals

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J. Garland Thurman

I have used Pipe Spies for years as a result of the quality and professionalism of their work.

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Christopher Phillips

Warren not only scoped our drain lines, he explained all that he was doing and had no problem answering my questions. He was able to tell me the depth of the drain lines (critical for the issue I’m having) and even shared some advice on how to remediate some issues I’m having with a french drain outside. Highly recommend!

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Felicia Jenkins

Warren and his team are extremely professional and experienced.

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L R (Buzzinaround)

My experience with Pipe Spies is far different than other reviewers. My home was under contract & buyer hired them for scoping. Technician had to replace sewer cleanout with new cap. It was the wrong cap completely & caused everything to back up within 2 days. Not knowing what the prob was I called alternate sewer company. They discovered the problem within 7 minutes but still charged me for the cap fix. I contacted Warren @ Pipe Spies for reimbursement & after mailing all the picture evidence, they did reimburse me the full amount. Great professional attitude and problem solving. Kudos to Pipe Spies. DO call them for your sewer need!

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Christopher Gibson

They inspected a sewer line of a listing of mine. They identified a very legitimate repair that needed to be done. However they did not locate the repair and refuse to communicate with me as the listing agent where the repair needed to be done seriously delaying the process of getting it done for the buyers. Any other company would have located the repair for an easy biding process and charged a lot less than these guys do…. Update: the owner finally called me and admitted shortcomings here but since I was belligerent he refused to make it right…. 2nd update: company went out and did a locate…. I wanted to delete my review but that was not an option, so I could only edit. Changed to 5 stars even though that is not my true feeling.

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Nate Valtakis

Honest, professional and affordable! They helped us confirm a plumbing company we used did not do their job like they were supposed to and we ended up getting the plumbing company to finally complete the job we hired them to do in the first place for no charge. Thanks Pipe Spies!

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Melissa Westwood

Buying a new house and pipe spies helped us make sure that we weren’t going to have any sewage issues like we do at the place we live now. They did it quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Thank you!

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Marika Reisberg

They completed the pipe inspection for my new house. It was comprehensive and very speedy.

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