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Why Unbiased?

Why Unbiased?

Why is an UNBIASED Video Pipeline Inspection Important?

pipe spies van in drivewayThe word “unbiased” means to show no prejudice for or against something; to be impartial, neutral, detached.

In our industry it means that regardless of the pipe’s condition, there are no additional financial benefits to the company performing the inspection.

When taking a quick glance of our industry you will notice the word unbiased is frequently used by companies that provide pipeline scoping services.

But are they truly unbiased and objective in their findings? Or, are they “partially” unbiased?



  • Many plumbing companies offer a scoping service for the sole purpose of generating additionalinspector with video scope toolsrevenue from excavations/repair and too often these repairs are not needed. We know, we have seen it firsthand when providing a second opinion.


  • Suspicious home owners call us out to provide a second opinion of their system. In an overwhelming majority of these inspections, our findings differ greatly from the initial scope.


  • Companies that provide scoping services at a cheap rate are most likely receiving supplemental kickbacks from other plumbing companies who perform excavation and repair work or they are looking for an opportunity to provide unnecessary maintenance to increase costs.


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Sewer Scope Inspections Are All We Do

Like many industries, you might have been offered a sewer pipeline inspection by your plumbing or excavation company. Did they suggest that you also have additional, expensive work done “just in case”?

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Pipe Spies never receives a kick-back from another vendor, subcontractor or company. In fact, 80% of our inspections offered as a second opinion conflict with the original reports.

If a cheap rate from a sewer pipeline company seems too good to be true, ask the provider exactly who they are affiliated with; chances are they have a vested interest in finding a problem or receive referral fees from a plumbing or excavation company.


Let our unbiased sewer pipeline inspectors work for you.

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