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Sewer Scope Denver Commercial Property [video]

Sewer Scope Denver Commercial Property

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We were recently called out to complete a sewer scope and location for a prospective tenant of a flat retail commercial building in Denver, Colorado.

Before finishing this space, which was to include a Himalayan salt cave, he thought it was wise to not only know the condition of the sewer and drain lines, but also ensure the initial layout and plans for the space would coincide and work with the existing underground pipe work configuration.

The camera sewer scope revealed valuable information.

The field technician identified:

1.) the preliminary layout plan was not the best placement given the current sewer location,

2.) there would not be enough fall from where he planned on placing a new drain for the Himalayan salt cave to where the existing drain was located,

3.) the beginning depth of the existing sewer line was only 8″ deep,

4.) the type of existing pipe (clay, cast iron, ABS or PVC),

5.) that the sewer line was in good working condition,

6.) the sewer path location with green paint markings (following the APWA Uniform Color Code for marking underground utility lines).

As you can imagine, this was useful information for the prospective tenant, who will now be revisiting and re-configuring the space in the most efficient and cost effective way with his licensed, bonded and experienced plumber.

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By completing his due diligence up front and getting all the facts, the prospective tenant saved himself potential headaches and problems, construction delays, and possibly costly reconstruction. He can now safely, confidently and efficiently plan out the space to meet his needs, budget and space requirements.

The bottom line: When property owners, property managers, renters or tenants obtain an independent sewer scope inspection of the sanitary utility lines (with proper, high-quality camera equipment) before building out commercial space, they gain valuable information about the condition of their sewer and drains and can avoid costly mistakes and mishaps. Adding an independent sewer scope to their due diligence checklist is a must.

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  • Do not offer any repair work.
  • Specialized sewer scope inspection company.
  • Completely unaffiliated.
  • Provide an accurate and thorough report of sewer and drain system.
  • Utilize high-tech camera equipment.
  • Receive no kickbacks or referral fees.
  • No high-pressure sales tactics.

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