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Strange Thing Found in a Sewer Pipeline

What is one of the strangest things you have seen in a sewer line?

This is one of the frequently questions our field technicians get asked.

After having completed over 10,000 video pipeline inspections, here’s just one of many strange things we recently discovered during a sewer scope in Denver.

Yikes! A sewer rat?! Yes, they do exist, but, fortunately they are not as prevalent in the Colorado area. Sewer rats are called that because, you guessed it — they thrive in sewers. They also do very well in dumps, canals and rivers. They are excellent swimmers and their long, course fur protects them from dampness and cold. They have poor vision, sharp hearing and an advanced sense of smell. Although it doesn’t frequently happen (thankfully!), sewer rats can come up from the sewer line right into your toilet. Yes, that’s right, YOUR TOILET, which would certainly warrant an animal control visit or possibly a sewer line repair or replacement. (Enough said right?!)

Give us a call today to find out whether or not something might be lurking in your underground pipes.

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