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Why a Sewer Scope is an Added Value Resource for REALTORS®

Why a Sewer Scope is an Added Value Resource for REALTORS®

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Where we spotlight top Colorado REALTORS® that we work alongside every day who deliver excellent customer service and have their client’s best interests at the forefront of what they do. Where we tell the good, bad, ugly and honest truth about REALTORS®’ sewer scope stories, experiences, mishaps and adventures. Afterall, talking about sewers can be fun!?!

Meet Colorado REALTOR® Sandra Shayler


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Why a Sewer Scope?

In 2008 I was the Buyer’s Agent for a couple purchasing a three year old home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. At the time most newer home purchases did not include a sewer scope as part of their due diligence, it was normally only recommended for much older homes or those with clay pipes, so in this case the buyers chose not to have one. The buyers had their general inspection, which went perfectly well, and they closed on the home without incident.

Fast Forward Five Years

The couple were now ready to move up to a bigger home. The home was listed, went quickly under contract and the buyer had their general home inspection completed as well as a sewer line inspection. To our shock, the sewer line was found to be built incorrectly.

My sellers found themselves paying to have this fixed, which cost several thousand dollars, and also involved the added inconvenience of digging up concrete floors in the house.

The Moral of the Story

After this incident, I recommend a camera sewer scope (video pipeline inspection) to every buyer I work with, so this unfortunate situation does not occur again, regardless of the age of the property.

Why Pipe Spies?

Paying Pipe Spies to complete a video pipe inspection and form a professional opinion of the sewer pipeline condition, is a small investment that potentially saves my client’s thousands of dollars in the future but also gives them, as well as me, added peace of mind about their purchase.

Warren is the most reliable and personable professional in the business and I would not recommend anyone else.

Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your story! Together we are…

“Saving REALTORS® lawsuits one sewer line at a time.”
Sylvia T. – REALTOR®


Sandra Shayler
‘The Accent on Real Estate’
phone: 303-210-9078

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