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Denver Area Video Pipeline Inspectors

Denver Area Video Pipeline Inspectors

An unbiased assessment from Denver area Video Pipeline Inspectors,
Pipe Spies, will buy you more than a look inside your pipes…
It will buy you peace of mind.

What is Pipe Spies?

Self-employed since 2008, Warren Rickford and Pipe Spies, Inc.®, has provided over 10,000 underground plumbing inspections to clients all over the Denver, Colorado area.

What is the process?

With our state-of-the-art pipeline video cameras, we come into your property, find access to the pipeline or sewer-line, and then camera that through from beginning to end — usually to the city main. This insures a thorough and accurate inspection that you can rely on. As local home owners, we know the area, and we also understand the need to have confidence in the people you’ve hired.

How are we different than plumbers?

What sets us apart from the other companies is that we are not plumbers. We do not do any kind of repair work. In fact, our sole purpose is to go out and identify issues that are there, and then give you that information to choose what to do with it. We may give recommendations for reputable plumbers and drain cleaners that we’ve seen do good work if you inquire, but it’s important to us that you know that we receive no kickbacks.

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