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A High-Rise Non-Sewer Scope – Denver

A High-Rise Non-Sewer Scope – Denver

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We were called out to a 16-story luxury high-rise condominium building in the Golden Triangle neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, to diagnose and determine where breaks were located in a watebelvedere condos denverr supply line that had frozen during the last week of December.

Although we specialize in sewer (sanitary) pipeline inspections, our high-tech, specialized cameras can be utilized outside the scope of what we normally do day in and day out.

The water supply line ran vertical the entire height of the building within a chase (the space or area where utility-related piping is contained; similar to an elevator shaft). The building maintenance crew first discovered the problem near the bottom floor of the building where the leaking pipe showed its ugly head. They were unable to specifically locate the leak(s) on the pipe, which posed a problem.

The chase was surrounded by concrete walls on three sides with the fourth side enclosed by a wall constructedfrozen pipes with drywall. In other words, the pipe was not accessible except by cutting a hole through the drywall from within a unit on every floor…Remember there are 16 floors, which would have been a costly and time-consuming project.

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In the course of the building maintenance crew’s trouble-shooting to find the leak(s) on the pipe, they established access to the chase by cutting through a top floor unit wall. After several unsuccessful attempts to determine where the leak(s) were, and at a Master Plumber’s suggestion, Pipe Spies was called.

When we arrived, the pipe was open and we were able to run a specialized 1″ camera from the top floor to the bottom through the 1.25” pipe, whereas normally we would use a 2″ camera head to scope a 3″ to 4″ sewer line. We were able to identify three holes in the pipe and pinpoint locate where each leak was behind a wall on the specific floor.

The cost of our camera scoping service was minuscule compared to the time and cost it would have taken to coordinate each unit owner to gain access, tear out each wall section, repair the pipe, and then repair the wall on 16 sixteen floors.

Like most business owners, we’re called upon to:

  • Think outside the box of what we normally do
  • Listen to our customer’s needs
  • Help solve customer’s problems
  • Go the extra mile, and
  • Give more-than-expected customer service

Call 303-795-3630 for more information about Pipe Spies’ think-outside-of-the box residential and commercial NON-sewer scope related services in Denver and the surrounding area. See what sets us apart from the “cheaper” sewer guys.

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